Expert Working Group Meeting on Best Practices in the Development and Delivery of Food Safety Curricula

Date: May 19 - 20, 2010

Location: World Bank Headquarters, Washington DC, USA

The Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) region is diverse in population, culture and level of economic development. Developing effective training courses in food safety will require a thorough examination of best practices used in content development and methods of delivery to diverse audiences, including the varied level of knowledge and skills along the supply chain. This event brought together a core group of food safety experts from the APEC economies to address how to develop and deliver enduring food safety training in the APEC.

The group worked to develop a strategy and road map for reviewing existing publicly available materials, identifying gaps in the coverage of available materials and using this information to adapt and build a generic set of training materials that can be used to meet the food safety training priorities identified by the APEC Economies. The ultimate goal is to cover priority needs throughout the entire food supply chain, from production through consumption. Also addressed were identification of best practices for delivery and dissemination of the training materials and mechanisms for post-delivery evaluation of the training.


Final Report:
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Upcoming work is expected in areas of :

  • Enhancing MRL compliance
  • Development of guidance on general best practices, and risk communication with regard to MRL compliance, and modernization of food safety systems
  • Antimicrobial resistance
  • And continued work on streamlining the use of export certificates in the region through bilateral work with Peru.

The FSCF and the FSCF PTIN Steering Group will meet next in New Zealand in 2021 in either the APEC Seniors Official Meeting (SOM) 1 or 2


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