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Workshop on Food Safety Systems

August 17, 2016

Lima, Peru

FSCF Import MRLs for Pesticides-Understanding the New APEC Guideline

August 18, 2016

Lima, Peru

FSCF PTIN Industry Regulator Workshop on Public Comment

August 18-19, 2016

Lima, Peru

FSCF Workshop on Import MRLs for Pesticides

October/November 2016



Preparing Trainers to Deliver Sustainable Education to Control Food Safety and Related Disease Management Problems Threatening Aquaculture Development: A Joint Food Safety Cooperation Forum Partnership Training Institute Network (FSCF PTIN) and Global Food Safety Partnership (GFSP) Program

September 21-24, 2015

Hanoi, Viet Nam

Food Safety Cooperation Forum

August 26, 2015

Cebu, the Philippines

FSCF PTIN Steering Group meeting

August 25, 2015

Cebu, the Philippines

FSCF PTIN Industry Association Capacity Building Workshop

August 24-25, 2015

Cebu, the Philippines

FSCF Pesticide Maximum Residue Limit Workshop

August 23-24, 2015

Cebu, the Philippines

APEC FSCF Maximum Residue Limit Expert Meeting

April 21-22, 2015

Sydney, Australia